TeamF1 was conceived around end of 1996 in response to the lack of connectivity and security solutions for embedded devices including those that were commonly available in the desktop/server world. Ironically, at the time, embedded hardware was beginning to add specialized resources to address these problems but contemporary software solutions focused on the lowest common denominator, and underleveraged these resources leading to a misconception that "constrained" embedded devices could not have advanced connectivity and security features. TeamF1 began operations in November 1998 with a goal of providing performance-enabled secure connectivity solutions. With the initial support of key customers, TeamF1 launched its first networking and security software components about two years later in early 2001. Ever since, TeamF1 has been committed to enabling embedded innovations by connecting and securing devices in many different market segments. In 2014, TeamF1’s technologies were acquired by global networking leader D-Link Systems.


Our vision of the future of secure embedded connectivity is as straightforward as it is audacious. It is a world where smart embedded devices everywhere are reachable from anywhere without worries. Just as important as our vision is the strategy that will turn it into reality. We are focused, laser-like, on becoming the premier embedded connectivity & security company -- making it simple for our customers to use the leading edge networking and security technologies.


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