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Security Gateway Solution (SGS)

Tech Specification

Turnkey SMB VPN/UTM/Firewall Gateway

The SecureF1rst Security Gateway Solution (SGS) from TeamF1 is a comprehensive turnkey software package that combines a rich set of field-proven, standard components with an array of customizable options to provide OEMs/ODMs the ultimate in product flexibility.

As a member of TeamF1’s SecureF1rst line of innovative prepackaged solutions, the Security Gateway Solution enables OEMs/ODMs to deliver leading-edge VPN/firewall gateway devices to the market in record time at far less risk than traditional development approaches. Devices built around SecureF1rst SGS offer end-customers ironclad, advanced networking security; easy-to-use device management features; and multiple gateway options.

In order to create specific instances of SecureF1rst SGS, TeamF1 leverages pre-existing software blocks that have proven their merit in numerous deployments, not only minimizing risk for OEMs but also keeping licensing terms flexible. And only SecureF1rst SGS can offer such a comprehensive set of features with completely modular packaging that allows for full customization to meet an OEM’s specific requirements.