SecureF1rst Module Products

TeamF1's networking and security technologies enable innovations in key communications and industrial infrastructure equipment. TeamF1 offers a complete networking and security platform tailored to the embedded OEM/ODM market with well-integrated modular technologies including an IPv4/IPv6 network stack, Wi-Fi® capable components and various complementary switching and security technologies. Customers have a choice of licensing and integrating specific components into their target applications or engaging with TeamF1 to provide turnkey solutions.


Perhaps no other area of embedded technology gets as much visibility today as security. "Secure Connectivity" is becoming an almost inescapable requirement for embedded devices as networks come of age. TeamF1 provides security technologies for wireless, remote management, storage, and mobile applications. These include network security protocols such as IPsec / IKE / IKEv2, SSH, SSL, authentication mechanisms such as X.509 digital certificates, RADIUS, 802.1X, Kerberos, wireless security for AP and supplicants, perimeter security technologies such as packet-filtering and stateful inspection firewalls, and network address translation (NAT).

IP Networking

For many applications, the IP network stack is proving to be a bottleneck due to various design and implementation constraints. Further, with the leaps being made in silicon speed and flexibility of hardware design, it is desirable to exploit the new features in embedded systems hardware while at the same time working transparently with networking applications written for a purely software network stack. TeamF1 provides advanced IP Networking technologies that build in security, scalability and quality of service. These technologies include a high-performance, advanced IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack with virtual routing, point-to-point protocols over serial, ethernet and other links, advanced classification and queuing for quality of service (QoS) use and denial-of-service (DoS) resistance, IP layer packet-filtering and network address translation, and secure IP networking in the form of IPsec.


Wireless LAN technology is proliferating in various embedded application domains, and WLAN security standards have finally come of age. New standards address many of the initial security concerns while still maintaining and, in fact, enhancing the mobility and untethered aspects of a wireless LAN. New applications in industrial networks, M2M and in the consumer space are fueling the demand for more secure, more standardized middleware running on standard embedded OSes, rather than just a monolithic wireless access box for PCs to hook up to traditional wired LANs. TeamF1 provides wireless networking software exclusively for embedded use and designed with security in mind including complete security access point software for Wi-Fi® use and secure supplicant (client) software supporting personal and enterprise security modes.


Network level redundancy that decreases the likelihood of failure is an important part of safety and security when dealing with high-end embedded devices. However, redundancy at Layer-2 can cause loops in the network and broadcast storms if not controlled coherently in a centralized or distributed way. Commonly available wired and wireless enterprise switches today incorporate standards-based implementations of Layer-2 control protocols to achieve this. Embedded devices that work with such protocols need to include standards based implementations of the same protocols, as well as secure authentication mechanisms at Layer-2  to allow for overall resiliency and security of the network. TeamF1 provides Layer-2 control protocols to enable this in embedded devices with technologies such as Link Aggregation and LACP (802.3ad), Spanning Tree Protocols including Rapid and Multiple Spanning Tree Protocols (802.1 d / s / w) and port-based network authentication control (802.1X) authenticator and supplicant.